Saturday, July 17, 2010

How to Rapidly Submit Blog Posts to Social Bookmarking Sites

This technique that I use to quickly submit my blog posts to social bookmarking sites (usually Digg, StumbleUpon, Google Buzz, Delicious, etc) is something that I do for every single post that I write. This technique gives you decent backlinks to your site as well as helps your new pages get indexed MUCH quicker by the search engines.

Here's what I do: (this is all 100% btw)

 So the url to this magical site that I love is: (You don't even have to make an account to use it.)

1. First submit your blog information into the form:

  • Add the title of your blog post.
  • Provide the link to your post.
  • And for the text box you will want to write a 2-3 description of the article like you would write a meta tag. Make this description keyword rich.
  • For the tags box, do your keyword research and find the most highly searched keywords to add her. I would recommend no more that 5 keywords here.
2. This site has 50 social bookmarking sites that you can submit your article. You have the option to pick and choose which social bookmarking sites you want to submit to. Here's a little clip:

3. Hit submit and you will be taken through each of the social bookmarking sites you chose to submit to. Luckly, takes care of most of the work for you by filling in the forms with the information you already provided.

*But take note, you need accounts on most of the social bookmarking (eg. digg, etc) sites in order to submit your articles to them. Once you make accounts, using socialmarker,  I guarantee will rapidly decrease the amount of time you will spend submitting pages to bookmarking sites.


SEO Tip - Change Blogger Title Tags to Increase Search Engine Traffic

If you are an advanced blogger, then I am sure you have already fixed your blogger code for this SEO technique. But for those who have not you MUST used this SEO technique to boost your search engine click rate. Here is an example of the proper formatting that you want for good SEO practice:


*Note how the article title appears before the site name.  On blogger, the default setting is to have the site name come before the article title. Here is an example of what you don't want your search results to look like:


Why is this Important?

It is an SEO essential to have the Post Title: Blog Title like this for many reasons:

1. If you have a post title, having it come first will make sure no words are cut off.
2. Post titles display what people are looking for - the name of your site will not be the exact type of info people are looking for.
3. Many people overall will be inclined to click on your link.

How to Change the Titles

1. On blogger go to Layout-edit html
2. Find this tag:
3. Replace that tag with this code:

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'> <title><data:blog.title/></title> <b:else/> <title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title> </b:if> 

4. Save template. Done!

*Note that it takes a few days or sometimes longer for these changes to take affect.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Generate 324 Backlinks in Under a Minute

As I was stumbling across the web, searching for ways to increase the number of backlinks to my blog, I came across an article that recommended a site that said it could generate 324 banklinks to your site in under a minute. So of course, I took interest and I went to the site and submitted my url - this is 100% free by the way - and it took some time, but according to the site, it generated me 324 backlinks.

Now of course these links are probably not very strong, but at least its something to give your site a little boost. And before I forget, the site url is


All you do is just enter your site in the box; and wait about 45 seconds (depending on internet speed) and let the site process your request. It may seem like the site is not doing anything, but let it fully load or your backlinks may not be generated.

My Opinion

Now I have no idea how much this site will help you, but a backlink is what it is so if the site is free - then hey why not? I do not have any personal testimonial to using this site because I just used it today, but later on down the road if I have any progress I'll be sure to update this article and let you guys know what this backlink generator did for my site.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Instantly Check Your Google Pagerank in This Post

Just enter your site's url and instantly view your Google page rank.

*Note: if your site is new, it either may not be indexed by Google, of not have a page rank yet. An error Message will display if this is the case. Don't be worried if your site is not ranked yet; keep checking each day to view your site's status.

Check Page Rank of your Web site pages instantly:

This page rank checking tool is powered by Page Rank Checker service

SEO Your Site to the Max!

This will be a quick post for today, but I just wanted to share an awesome tool I just stumbled across on the web. The site is called iWeb Tool, and it is kind of free. I hate to say kind of free because I don't like sending my viewers to site where they have to pay money. But this site lets you use only 5 of their tools per hour. So like I said, it's kind of free...but I would consider this to be a free site if you have the patience. (There is an option to upgrade so that you have unlimited use of its features, but nah just keep things simple and don't spend money you don't have to.)

Features the Site Offers

This picture shows about a third of the features on iWeb Tool. You can check how many back links are being directed towards your site, you can check keywords, see your page rank, etc. There is just about every tool a webmaster will need on this kind of free website.

Be Sneaky With This Tool

What I mean by being sneaky is that you don't only have to use iWeb for your site - you can type in any other site url and find out their stats. So for example, if you have a nasty competitor that you can't get ahead of, then go to iWeb, type in your competitor's url, and check out his stats like his back links, and go post links to wherever it says your competitor has back links.

Make sense? If not feel free to ask me any questions and I will do my best to assist in any way I can.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Video Guide - How to Make $75 a Day Running Online Polls

CPA Marketing is pretty cut and dry, and I make on average anywhere from $30-$75 a day from this alone, and in this guide I will show you step by step how you can compete in this market by running online polls.

There are tons of companies that offer CPA campaigns, but a lot of them are fake and can scam you. I've been using, since I began, so its just what I recommend using. What CPA networks offer are campaigns that pay out anywhere from $1.20 to $2.00 when a customer enters his or her email.

Click here to see a sample site that I set up for this guide. As you can see, the layout is very simple and the viewer's attention is directed to the poll question.

Well, thats it. If you have any questions, I'll do my best to answer. Hope this technique proves to be useful for you all.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

How to Make Money with Squidoo

It costs you money to set up your own website – hosting + domain registration. An alternative can be a site where you can create free web pages – but they don’t allow affiliate links or any way for you to make money. Well…except for one – one of the best free sites gives you many tools you can use to make a profitable free web page. All it takes is your time and effort to make a great page.

The name of this glorious site is Squidoo, and you can use it for affiliate marketing and just about anything else. The site has a lot of potential to your online business if you use it correctly.

The Benefits

It is incredibly easy to start setting up custom web pages once you open a free account with Squidoo. There is no limit on how many pages you can create and it is almost like having a bunch of mini-websites. The sky’s the limit for what you do with this site and it all comes down to your strategy and time commitment.

For affiliate marketing, the site presents an opportunity for those to have a high search ranking in order to make sales to receive a commission.

You can customize your “Lenses” each with a unique appearance by using the modules offered to you by Squidoo. There are modules that can help you earn money such as the Amazon, AdSense, and eBay modules, plus many more. You have a lot of freedom in creating your Lens, and it is important to take advantage of the other modules offered because they can help make your site more attractive to visitors.

Squidoo Tips and Tricks

1. Note that you will need to put effort into creating your Lenses. You cannot just simply rush through making the page if you want to get visitors. When I first started using Squidoo, I had no visitors in my first month because I did not put effort into making a good page. You will need to pat attention to SEO and treat your page like a normal website. And remember, it helps to update your Lens like a normal blog because the search engines like fresh content. You do not need to go crazy about making updates, but if you have the time, you should post new content at least once a month.

2. A new properly done lens can be indexed by Google quickly if you do everything correctly. Google likes Squidoo so it is more likely you will be found than if you posted your content onto your own website.

3. Squidoo offers Amazon and eBay products to promote, but if you want more options use, or if you haven’t already, join ClickBank or Commission Junction where you can find more products to make money with.

4. Feel free to experiment with different products. You never know which one will break through.
You can set up your payments to go directly into a PayPal account or your savings, and Squidoo has a low payment threshold which I believe is $5. Your commission from advertising, affiliate links, and other sales will all collect in one account for your convenience.

When you first begin your Squidoo adventures, start out with topics that you are passionate about and over time you can start to branch out into other topics. It will be easier for you to write a Lens if you are familiar with the topic and people will see that you know what you are talking about.

Click here if you would like to set up a free Squidoo Account.

Feel free ask questions of leave comments below!

Make Money With ClickBank - Without a Website!

ClickBank is one of the biggest affiliate marketing websites on the internet these days. With ClickBank you can make money online if you don’t have a product of your own to promote; basically you choose other people’s products to sell and you receive a portion of the profits which average from 10-75%.

ClickBank is an easy way to start making money online because it requires no upfront investment on your part. There is a large array of products to promote, and you can also experiment to find out the niches that are the most profitable and which ones will make you the most sales.

ClickBank affiliate accounts are free, and once you have gotten yours you will need to view the different product options you have to promote to your audience.

Now you can promote any product you choose without having a website or a blog that you own, and what you will need to do is get a free web page from Squidoo. Check out the separate blog entry for a different approach to making money with Squidoo.

How it Works

ClickBank gives you a special link (known as a hoplink) that will contain your account data to make sure you get a percent of the proceeds if someone clicks through to buy a product you have recommended.

Promoting Your Product

You will want to focus on providing more than just an affiliate link for your visitors to click on. You will want to pre-sell the item, basically convince them why a certain product should be bought. This is usually the stage that separates the strong from the weak. Remember - content is key - you will need to sound like you are engaged and satisfied with the product you are promoting. (You may want to look up reviews written by others and get some opinions that you can write about.)

Remember to be a normal person when promoting a product. Don't write reviews like - BUY MY AUTO PARTS FROM MY SITE NOW!!!!. Yes it catches the eye, but people will not have trust in a person who seems like they might be crazy. Keep your reviews fairly laid back, and the less obvious it is that you are a sales person, the more sales you will make in the long run.

Anyways...back to ClickBank...

When starting with ClickBank you should immediately familiarize yourself with the site and get to know how it all works. Once you know your way around, begin your research and pick out a few products that you have interest in promoting. Results will not come in immediately but overtime, you will begin to see increasing sales.

Feel free to leave comments or ask questions below!


How to Make Money with YouTube

YouTube is one of the world’s most viewed sites and has millions and millions of consistent viewers. YouTube can be used as a way to help you make money with your online business.

How to Make Money with YouTube

Think of YouTube as a way to drive traffic to your website. If you make videos about your online business and the products you are promoting, you can instantly get free traffic to your site and in the long run – make money as a result of more visitors. You will do this by mentioning the name of your website in your video and also by placing a link in the video description to get viewers to visit your site.

For example, if you run a website about selling guitars, you can make videos where you will review different guitars and explain to people why they should buy that guitar from your website. If the viewer felt moved by your video, they will click your link, go to your site, and hopefully make a purchase. This method is widely used and can be used for any niche.

When you make your videos, you do not want to come of as a sales person. You want to seem like a genuine person who wants to help give people information about a product. If you present your product well, people may become committed to buy it, and the quickest way for them to buy the product will be to click on the link you provide and they will make a purchase from your site.

Now technically, you are using YouTube as a middleman to get traffic. YouTube does not directly earn you money. It is a great tool to take advantage of, and of course it is 100% free which I know is a plus in every one’s book.

What You Need to Begin?

All you need is a video camera and some decent film editing software.

1. It helps if you have a high definition camera because it makes you look more professional. Often times if people watch videos with low production quality, they will stop watching it.

2. Film editing/production software is a must. I cannot emphasize this enough. You cannot just make a video by just having the camera on your face the whole time. You will need editing software to add an introduction, diagrams, pictures, etc. to your videos. If you do not have good video editing software already, get some to have quality videos. I use the Corel Photo & Video Pro X3 Bundle
because it is easy to use and is one of the least expensive professional software’s. Some other good programs are: Adobe Premiere Elements 8
or iMovie. Take your pick, and it will serve you well.

In Conclusion

Use this method of making YouTube Videos as another way to drive traffic to your site to boost your sales. This method will only help your goal to make money online, so give it a try today.
Get started on YouTube and feel free to ask any questions you may have!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Blogging

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. For one, its free and anyone can do it. Tons of people take action in affiliate marketing, so why not join the fun? In this article I will go though step by step over a common method where affiliate marketing is used in blogging to make a profit.

Affiliate Market Blogging

Step 1: Pick Your Niche/Topic

Pick the topic of what your website will be about. It should be something that you are familiar with and are interested in writing about. Keep in mind that certain topics can be more profitable than others. Also some fields can be more difficult to profit in due to a high rate of competition. For example, if chose to have a blog about credit cards, that is a very competitive field compared to something like "having a home garden."

Step 2: Set up a Blog

If you do not have an online blog, go to and sign up for their blogging services. (Everything I mention in this article in 100% free to sign up.)It is also important that you find a name for your blog that is either catchy or direct and informative about what your site is about.

Step 3: Writing Content for Your Blog

Most people fail when it comes to writing content. All it requires is consistent work and focus yet so many people give up here. You’re going to need to spend between 20 to 30 minutes per day posting new content to your blog.

(Yes, this takes a little bit of time out of your day, but it’s worth it when it comes to making money.)

If you can consistently focus on your blog, posting at least one keyword-optimized article every day, the search engines will notice your site, bringing your site traffic, then you will be able to use that traffic to make money online by advertising, using Google AdSense, or as an affiliate marketer. I'll talk about these later in this article.

Step 4: Getting Traffic to Your Site

Once you have several articles in your blog, it’s time to start getting your site noticed by the world. You can start by building high-quality backlinks.

1.) Go to Yahoo Answers, find some open questions related to your blog and a well thought out answer answer. Use information from your website as a source for the information. Make sure your answers are well written, not just stolen from your website.

2.) Find a blog related to your site, and post a thoughtful comment and provide a back link to your site.

3.) Create a Squidoo Lens. This is an easy way to create a strong back link in just 5 minutes. Squidoo allows you to put ads, amazon products, or ebay auctions on the article you post on their site, and this site can help you make extra money depending how often you post.

4.) You can also post content from your site to article directories. This will be easy once you have some content that you wrote because you can copy and paste the exact same article to the directories. The directories are highly ranked in google, and if you provide a back link, chances are high that someone will visit your site. Every article I write I post on Associated Content which pays you $1.50-$2.00 per 1000 views. They also offer upfront payments which can be up to $15 if you submit a high quality article. So if you have the content already written...why not sign up?

Step 5: Make Money Online By Using AdSense and Affiliate Marketing

It is super easy to put Google AdSense in Blogger. I am sure you have done it already. Be patient, overtime, the clicks will increase and you will start earning more money.

A may to make a heftier profit is by using affiliate programs. Basically, you are putting companies products on your site, and if one of your visitors buys a product, you will receive anywhere from 5%-75% commission. One of the top affiliate programs is Clickbank. Clickbank is one of the best performing affiliate programs, and it is very very easy to use. You can choose any of thousands of products and include them in your website. The payouts are usually around 50%, and any affiliate would recommend Clickbank for new users.

If you follow this step-by-step guide to affiliate marketing, you will make money online. You cannot fail if you are consistent. You can repeat the process as many times as you want but I recommend making one website and make give it your best. Making money online with Affiliate Marketing may be a little overwhelming at times, but just use this guide as a resource and you will survive.


How to Make Money on EBay

There is always a market as a seller on eBay. Thousands of sales are made daily, from eBay power sellers to people selling old items they have lying around their house. There will always be room for another seller like you on eBay. The business will be what you make of it, and if you make it a full time career, you can earn a livable amount of income.

You may be wondering how to get started on eBay, and how to find items to sell once you've sold all of the useless junk you have in your house. This article will tell you how to begin your eBay adventure and how you can become a noteworthy PowerSeller.

Step 1: Getting Started

Sign up for a free eBay account and start selling some of your junk to get an understanding of the eBay selling process. Before you start buying wholesale products to resell, you will want to have down the basics of selling first.

Step 2: Business Plan

Now you will need to find a certain product, or product(s) that you will be passionate about selling. It can be difficult if you are selling a wide variety of products. Often times if you focus on a specific niche, people may start to recognize you as the go to guy for a certain product.

It may seem like an easy task to pick a product to sell, but in reality if you do not pick a good product, your business will crash and burn. There are many factors you will need to consider such as market competition, supply and demand, popularity, price, etc. You will need to do your own research to find your product, and you can start by looking at other sellers products and tracking their role in the market.

Here is an example of what I mean: Let’s say you want to sell books. There are hundreds of books you could sell, but if you don’t know which ones will sell for the most profit, you could lose money buying the wrong stock of books. You can search the eBay listings to see which titles sell well on a consistent basis, and which ones will give you the most profit.

Step 3: Finding a Wholesale Supplier

So once you know what products you want to sell, you need to know where to find a supplier. There are two main sources for suppling your stock. They are wholesalers and drop shippers. Each one have its ups and downs and it comes down to which fits your selling style.

A drop shipping company holds the products, and you only pay for an item once you've sold it and received payment from the customer. The most reliable and best known drop shipper is Doba and I would recommend visiting their site because they go into way more depth about drop shipping than I do here.

The other option is wholesalers which require you to buy their products in bulk. Usually the more products you buy, the cheaper the price is per unit. More risk comes along when you buy wholesale, but if you make sure to pick a good product to sell, hopefully you will not end up not selling your supply.

Step 4: Building up Your Feedback Score

An important part of marketing on eBay is having a strong feedback score. You should not become power hungry for making money on sales, and you should always keep customer satisfaction as a top priority. Having a higher feedback score will give you more profits in the long run because buyers will know that they can put their trust into the products you are selling.

Step 5: eBay Store

You have the option to make your own eBay store for a monthly fee, but a store is not essential for when you first start selling. You will want to hold of on making a store until you have a wide range of products.

Remember like any business, it takes time to start rolling in the profits. Be patient with eBay, and the longer you are in the game, the more tips and tricks you will learn to maximize profit.

Feel free to post any questions or comments I can help you with about making money on eBay below.

Make $75 in a Day With CPA Marketing - The Ultimate Guide

My goal for this guide is to help people who are struggling with affiliate marketing and are ready to try something new. There is an extremely high rate of competition in the affiliate marketing business, which is part of the reason why I focus most of my efforts on running polls with CPA marketing.

CPA Marketing is pretty cut and dry, and I make on average anywhere from $30-$75 a day from this alone, and in this guide I will show you step by step how you can compete in this market by running online polls.

Step 1: Getting Hot Poll Ideas

Go to Yahoo's Buzz Index which shows the top searches for each day.

What I do is look for scandal, or events that people would have an emotional connection to which are great topics for the polls you will create. Some ideas for a poll could be: Who will win American Idol? or Which team do you think will win the Super Bowl?

The concept is pretty simple. Got the idea now?

Step 2: Sign up as an Affiliate in a CPA Network

There are tons of companies that offer CPA campaigns, but a lot of them are fake and can scam you. I've been using FluxAds,, since I began, so its just what I recommend using. What CPA networks offer are campaigns that pay out anywhere from $1.20 to $2.00 when a customer enters his or her email.

Click here to see a sample site that I set up for this guide. As you can see, the layout is very simple and the viewer's attention is directed to the poll question.

I have the poll set up so that once the viewer votes, he or she will be directly taken to the page where the offer is shown.

Step 3: Getting Traffic from Google AdWords

Usually this part can be tricky for getting conversions with affiliate marketing but with CPA marketing, the conversion rate is much higher. I run ads for my site only in Google's "Content Network" which allows me to get dirt cheap clicks for around 7 cents.

When you run your ads, include the poll question to get viewer's attracted. The chances are high that if they click on the ad, they will take your survey.

Well, thats it. If you have any questions, I'll do my best to answer. Hope this technique proves to be useful for you all.